Underworld Gates


The underworld gate is an alliance building and can be built from alliance level 6. It brings the normal and the underworld together. But be careful: opponents who are after you are waiting behind the gate. You must act together as an alliance and fight the increasingly strong opponents for ever greater rewards. But first step by step.

Once the underworld gate is finished, you have to donate keys before opening it for the first time. Each alliance member can donate all the keys that they have collected to date. But here's a tip from us: First donate a maximum of two keys. Depending on the size of the alliance and the number of members, it could quickly happen that only a few players can donate keys and the other players get nothing.

The reason is the limit. A maximum of 180 keys can be donated. Why 180? To open the gate, you need 900 points. A donated key is worth 5 points. 900: 5 = 180.

In addition, you will receive 1000 honorary alliance each on your account and the account of your alliance.

It is crucial for your alliance that as many players as possible have the chance to donate at least one key. If a player is unable to do so and take part in the battle, the rewards will be missed. This can be frustrating and lead to dissatisfaction.

Keys can be obtained from daily rewards and bonus chests from Red Guard camps.

Unterwelttor Spenden Bei dieser Ansicht müssen die Schlüssel für das Tor gespendet werden.

Open the gate - you can only do it together!

If your alliance has reached the limit, a selection of all available opponents appears. These are divided into different levels of difficulty. Only when you have successfully defeated an opponent do you unlock the next opponent. For example, in order to defeat the opponent level 12, all previous opponents must be defeated in turn. Skipping is not possible. Have you opened the gate and challenged an opponent, your alliance must work together. You only have a time window of 30 minutes. In the beginning the opponents are easy, but later they get more and more difficult and then 30 minutes are quickly over. It is best to organize yourself beforehand. Determines who starts the campaigns in which order. To allow as many players as possible to play, there is a limit to the number of troops. For easy opponents, it is advisable to start with 1000 troops per player. The limit can be raised later.

You can only take part in one campaign at a time. Participation in several campaigns is not possible. In addition, participation for new members in the alliance is only possible after 48 hours.

Whoever opens the gate usually starts the first campaign. The players who are right next to it with their lock should always start the campaigns against the underworld gate. This has the advantage that long walking times are avoided. Should you move your alliance, plan the area optimally. Put your strong players around the goal to have an advantage against the tough opponents. Keyword: walking time.

Always start at least three campaigns that are started at the same time. Make sure that they are filled one after the other. Each campaign runs for at least 5 minutes before it starts moving. Be sure to watch the times. If you take everything to heart, then you can make any opponent.

Done - what now?

Once you have opened the gate and successfully defeated your opponent, first of all, congratulations! The gate is now closed for the next 48 hours. During this time you can lead campaigns against Red Guard camps and master the daily challenges to get the coveted underworld keys. You donate this back to the underworld gate and after 48 hours you can challenge the next opponent.