Kingdom Stars List

Kingdom Stars
Kingdom Stars

I've done the job and made a list that starts January 10th, 2021 of all kingdoms and will be kept up to date.

This list shows the star levels and the kingdoms that other kingdoms conquered during the KvK (Crown Invasion).

I would like to give all players the opportunity to get an idea of the kingdoms and the composition of the crown invasion for themselves.

According to Guns of Glory, the star level is only one factor that determines the opponents in the crown invasion. We may be able to find out and confirm this for ourselves over time or not.

If an mistake has actually crept in, please leave a comment here. I will check this within 24 hours.

If you use this list and appreciate the work, then I would be happy to receive a small thank you::

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Top 10 Ranking (06/13/2021):

  1. K52 - 15 Stars
  2. K33 - 11 Stars
  3. K524 - 11 Stars
  4. K273 - 11 Stars
  5. K162 - 10 Stars
  6. K241 - 10 Stars
  7. K544 - 9 Stars
  8. K171 - 9 Stars
  9. K272 - 9 Stars
  10. K97 - 9 Stars

RED = most stars
ORANGE = 2nd most stars
GREEN = 3rd most stars