Use Amazon Coins for Guns of Glory & King of Avalon

Amazon Coins
Amazon Coins

Many of the high-end gaming apps offer so-called in-app purchases. With these it is possible to better advance his progress in the game. With the Amazon Coins, Amazon offers an attractive alternative to the established payment methods via Google and Apple.

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The Amazon Appstore

What is the Amazon Appstore anyway?

A good question. Amazon is known mostly as a gigantic marketplace for all sorts of products. But even here, the steadily growing success of apps with all their diversity does not just go by. That's why Amazon has been offering an alternative to Google and Apple since 2011. By the end of 2018, the store already had over 460.000 apps. And now Guns of Glory and King of Avalon is part of it too. However, the apps are only available for Android devices because Apple does not allow apps from external sources.

Logically, to download and install an app, you must have an Amazon account and be logged in.

Install Guns of Glory or King of Avalon

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To install the game, you must have permission on your smartphone. The default prohibits this to keep insecure .apk (app) files from the device. However, it is not possible to assume that every developer will develop dangerous apps. In the case of the Amazon Appstore you can allow the installation without stomachache.

But first to download and use Guns of Glory or King of Avalon, you need the Amazon Appstore app. You could download it with one click here. You then land on the appropriate page of Amazon, the download does NOT start automatically.

Now go to your Amazon Appstore app on your smartphone, search for 'Guns of Glory' or 'King of Avalon' and download the app. Here you can also see your coins account balance.

It then automatically tries to install and a message appears (most likely) to let you know that you are trying to install an app of unknown origin. Then you have to allow this and already the installation can begin.

Amazon Coins

What are Amazon Coins?

The currency for in-app purchases in the Amazon Appstore are the Amazon Coins. Buy real money coins and use them to buy packages in Guns of Glory or King of Avalon. You can also spill over when making purchases in other apps from the Amazon Store, and not limited to one app!

Important: 100 coins are worth $1. So to speak, 1 coin = 1 Penny.

In addition, a US billing address must be stored in your Amazon account. For example, if your place of residence is in Russia, the Amazon Coins are not yet available to you.

What are the benefits of Amazon Coins?

The advantages! Finally we come to the exciting part of the article :)

Advantage # 1 is the savings. You just have lower prices than before on Google Play.

The largest package on Google cost $109.99. With Amazon Coins this is ideally only $88.00.

Do not you think so? Then take a look:

The coin packages on Amazon are staggered. The bigger the amount you want to invest in coins, the bigger the discount.

  • 300 Amazon Coins - $2,91 (Rabatt = 3%)
  • 500 Amazon Coins - $4,75 (Rabatt = 5 %)
  • 1.000 Amazon Coins - $9,00 (Rabatt = 10 %)
  • 2.500 Amazon Coins - $21,75 (Rabatt = 13 %)
  • 5.000 Amazon Coins - $42,50 (Rabatt = 15 %)
  • 10.000 Amazon Coins - $82,00 (Rabatt = 18 %)
  • 50.000 Amazon Coins - $400,00 (Rabatt = 20 %)

And in between, Amazon also likes to cut out small, but subtle actions. So you can get hold of coins in places by up to 80% cheaper. Check out Tomvapor on YouTube regularly. There he will inform you in good time about campaigns for Amazon Coins.

I do not know how you see it, but there are ways to save, right?

Buy or Win Amazon Coins

The coins can be purchased from 300 to 50,000 in graduations. Above you see, yes, which package is offered at what price.

In between, we will start a few small competitions and events and reward you with coins :) After all, nobody should be neglected.

If you do not want to wait, you can help out directly here.

Wer nicht darauf warten möchte kann sich hier auch direkt aushelfen.


Send Coins as gift

Giving away Amazon Coins Giving away Amazon Coins

Good idea, I think. With Amazon it is indeed possible to buy things for others. This is also the case with the Amazon Coins. You can choose a package and declare it as a gift for someone else. You only need the information that you see here in our picture.

If you want you can also give us coins as support for the fan community <3

Joking aside.

You will need the name and email address of your friend or friend with whom he / she logs in to the Amazon Appstore. Only then can the coins be credited to the correct account.



Currently there is no subscription function. The smuggler ship must therefore be waived on the additional deliveries and the deal of the day on the additional items. But you save 30 EUR, which you can invest in coins.