Darklands Matchup

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From 2nd to 4th In February Guns of Glory made a test server available for a small selection of players in order to test the new event extensively. I was there and for this reason I can provide you with some information about the new event here.

In my opinion, the Darklands will replace the bloodwars. The event is very similar.

Conquer and hold buildings for points. Eliminate vampire nobles and collect iron and silver in the dark mines. We all know somehow from the blood fight, right?

But what more do the Darklands offer than the Blood Battle did?


  1. Collect solo and alliance points in mining by occupying landmarks and attacking vampire nobles.
  2. The alliance with the highest score wins. A tie counts as a loss for both sides.

Darklands Map Darklands Map


  1. There are nine landmarks in the Darklands.
  2. Landmarks are unlocked and can be occupied at set times during the clash.
  3. When a landmark is checked for the first time, the alliance and all participating members receive bonus points.
  4. You have to occupy a landmark for a period of time to control it. Once the landmark is under control, it starts generating points. Further details can be found under the tab "Landmarks".
  5. If you get Solo Points from Landmarks, you need at least 50,000 soldiers for maximum efficiency.
  6. In landmark battles, you get a solo point for every 50,000 troops killed or injured (no alliance points). If several members participate, solo points are awarded according to the troop strength.
  7. The alliance wins, which can occupy and control all landmarks for 15 minutes.


  1. Dark iron and silver mines reappear after 20 and 40 minutes. You can send troops to mine metal and get solo points and alliance points.
  2. The reserves in the mines are limited and they disappear when they are exhausted.

Vampire Nobles

  1. A vampire nobleman appears after 15, 30 and 45 minutes. You can attack him or wage a campaign against him.
  2. The HP (hitpoints) of the vampire nobleman is divided into several levels. The alliance making the final attack to eliminate a HP tier will receive critical hit rewards.
  3. The alliance making the final assault to kill the Vampire Noble receives killing blow rewards that grant it a powerful vampire perk.
  4. The Vampire Noble is hidden on the map for 10 seconds when first appearing, but can still be seen on the battlefield.


  1. The number of troops the kingdom sends to the Darklands is based on your actual number of troops. This does not affect your actual troops.
  2. Newly trained troops will automatically join your troops in the Darklands.
  3. Troops from your Hospital, Alliance Hospital, Kingdom Hospital, and Sanctum will not join your troops in the Darklands.
  4. You can find the number of your troops for the Dunkellande in the top left next to your portrait.


  1. Troops in the Darklands are only wounded, not killed. Wounded troops can be healed quickly at the Darklands Hospital.
Darklands Eventshop Darklands Eventshop


  1. After entering the Darklands, you can issue orders to improve your game performance.
  2. Orders can be changed until shortly before the start of the fight.
  3. There are two types of command: decide and wise. You can choose an order of any kind.
    Decisive Command - Unity: The team squad's attack increases when fighting on a landmark. Kann bis zu 5x gestapelt werden.
    Decisive Command - Rallying Cry: When you start a campaign against a landmark, the marching speed of all participating allies increases and the time it takes to conquer the landmark is reduced.
    Decisive Command - Supply Chain: Mining speed increased.
    Astute Command - Solidity: If you are attacked at a landmark, troop defense and troop health increase. Wounded troops are also healed faster.
    Astute Command - Flinker Späher: The speed of spying on a landmark increases. Allies can view your current scout report at a landmark.
    Astute Command - Leichtfüßigkeit: Increased marching speed.


  1. All marches in the Darklands include your Airship by default. Your Castle will also be guarded by a Support Airship with identical stats.


  1. In the Darklands, you can equip one of your marches with a Curio, which grants a bonus in battle.
  2. Curio bonus applies to your Castle also.


  1. Bllodbath will commence 10 minutes before the end of the Clash, during which time Landmarks and Mines will produce double points.

Safe Zone

  1. On entering the Darklands, your Castle will be located in the Safe Zone.
  2. While in the Safe Zone, you cannot be scouted or attacked.
  3. You can attack Threats, mine, scout, attack, rally, and occupy Landmarks while in the Safe Zone.

Castle Burning

  1. Your Castle will burn if you fail to protect it in the Darklands. When your Wall Defense reaches zero, you will be automatically teleported to the Safe Zone.

Fight in Darklands Fight in Darklands


Cursed Mausoleum

A sprawling mausoleum imbued with ancient forces of darkness. Central to the spread of the Vampire curse.

First Control Alliance points: 18000

First Control Solo points: 1800

Occupation points alliance: 3600/Min.

Solo occupation points: 360/Min.

Sinister Sepulcher

The Sepulcher was ransacked long ago, yet whispers still seem to linger in its underground chambers.

First Control Alliance points: 12000

First Control Solo points 1200

Occupation points alliance: 2400/Min.

Solo occupation points: 240/Min.

Wailing Tomb

A faint wailing sound can be heard from within. Who is foolhardy enough to explore further?

First Control Alliance points: 6000

First Control Solo points: 600

Occupation points alliance: 1200/Min.

Solo occupation points: 120/Min.

Elemental Shrine

There remains some resistance to the darkness pervading the land. This shrine's aura inspires and protects your troops.

Once occupied, all Alliance members receive the following benefits:

Troop Attack +1000% - Troop Defense +1000%

First Control Alliance points: 3000

First Control Solo points: 300

Occupation points alliance: 600/Min.

Solo occupation points: 60/Min.

Blood Shrine

A shrine defiled by dark ritual. Break through the sorcery to weaken the curse that plagues the Darklands.

Once occupied, the time required for Alliance members to capture other Landmarks is reduced by 30%.

First Control Alliance points: 3000

First Control Solo points: 300

Occupation points alliance: 600/Min.

Solo occupation points: 60/Min.

Dark Iron Mine

A mine long since abandoned, yet the sound of pickaxes breaking rocks can still be heard, and mine carts appear to move of their own accord.

Occupation points alliance: 360/Min.

Solo occupation points 36/Min.

Dark Silver Mine

A mine containing a special type of Silver that can be handled by Vampires. Despite being abandoned long ago. The sound of pickaxes breaking rocks can still be heard, and mine carts appear to move of their own accord.

Occupation points alliance: 720/Min.

Solo occupation points 72/Min.

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