Increase marching capacity


We will show you all the possibilities, explain each area. For certain areas you need requirements that you first have to achieve in the game playfully, others you can buy for real money.


The vast majority of marching capacity is determined by your lock. That doesn't mean you shouldn't be focusing on anything else, but if you hit the maximum of level 40 on your castle, that alone will increase the marching capacity by 170,000.

The increase increases from level to level. If you still have 200 marching capacity at castle level 1, you will already receive 10,000 marching capacity at level 10 of your castle.

From castle level 31 you also get a marching capacity increase of 10%, which does not increase for higher levels. This 10% is based on the marching capacity of your castle level.

If you have reached castle level 40 and 170,000 marching capacity, the additional value of 10% is 17,000.

Schloss Marschkapazität Die Schloss Marschkapazität


Combat contains 4 researches that offer an increase in marching capacity by 10,000 each.

Combat II contains two researches that also offer a capacity expansion of 10,000 each

War Machine contains research that gives you 25,000 more capacity.

King's Legion is waiting for you with two researches, each with a marching capacity of 20,000.

Thus, through the research, you can send a total of 125,000 more troops on your marches.

Runes (Blood Tooth Set)

The Pursuer set offers the possibility of so-called runes. The runes each have a maximum level of 70.

In order to level runes you have to kill threats with equipped Pursuer Set.

All 6 runes at level 70 give you an additional marching capacity of 181.380.

Talent points

The talent points of your lord at Combat bring you an increase in your marching capacity of 15,000, divided into 3 projects of 5,000 each. The war tree also contains the colossal march talent with a 10% capacity increase (for 30 minutes). The percentage increase in your capacity is based on the marching capacity of your castle. At castle level 40, the talent brings you an additional 17,000 troops.


The airship element Engine brings you a higher marching capacity.

With each new level you increase your marching capacity up to 116,400.The list below is not up to date and is being revised by the GoG team.

Luftschiff Motor Übersicht der Motor Kosten und Kapazität


With the guards there are two possibilities to get a higher marching capacity.

On the one hand, there are the guards who you send out on your marches together with your troops.

2 S-Guards at level 80 bring you a 32,000 higher marching capacity.

Every guard you send offers you this option, depending on the level of the guard.

The other option is to have your appointed guardians in the guard hall.

With the exception of the guards in the helper and innovator category, all appointed guards have a marching capacity effect.

You should definitely use the S-Guards to enable the maximum number of additional troops.

The 6 appointed S-Guards must be at least level 65 and have 6 stars. This will give you the maximum yield of an additional 150,000 troops.

D'Artagnan Werte von D'Artagnan als ernannter Wächter


The Commander's Horn gives an increase in capacity by 15%. You can buy it for 2000 gold. The boost is active for 1 day.

The 15% is based on the marching capacity of your castle. If you have reached castle level 40, the wonder brings you 25,500 additional marching capacity.


There is an item in the gold shop that increases your marching capacity by 25% for 12 hours for 1500 gold.

There is a similar item that only gives the same boost for 2 hours. I don't think you can buy it in every store, but it is a possible reward for events.

In the auction house it is possible to bid on three '12h Colossal March Capacity' items that offer a 50% increase for 12 hours.

I've seen bids from 25,000 to 60,000 gold on these items.

With the 12h Colossal March you come to 85,000 more troops in your march at Castle Level 40, based on Castle Level 40.


With the title of the palace 'Standard Bearer' there is an additional 5% to the existing capacity. The king can award the title to any player in the kingdom.

The 5% is based on the marching capacity of your castle. Once you have reached castle level 40, the miracle brings you 8,500 additional marching capacity.


With the paid subscription to the Google and iOS version of the game, you can send 2,000 more troops along on your march.

In total it is possible to get up to 944,780 troops that you can send out in one march!